Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations is an ongoing live series that explores the depths of personal growth and the evolution of human consciousness to help you awaken, discover, and connect your highest potential.


Episode 8: How to find the love of your life

In this episode we'll be uncovering the blocks to finding love, and give you tools to help you align with the love of your life!

Episode 7: Creating an Abundant Mindset

In episode 7 of Conscious Conversations we talk about how to create an abundant mindset so you can align with your best life and all the treasures of the universe.


Episode 6: How to Keep your head up when everything is going wrong

Whether it's one giant difficult situation or a clusterf*** of a storm, we all go through tough times. If you're ready to give up your victimization mindset and learn how to pull yourself through even the most challenging times, then hang out with us on this episode. We'll share personal stories as well as tips and tricks to inspire you to shift into a more positive mindset, no matter the circumstance.

Episode 5: Facing your inner critic

Does the booming voice of your inner critic keep you from living a happy, peaceful life? In episode 5 of Conscious Conversations, we break down the importance of befriending negative self-talk and judgment.

Episode 4: Why the Pursuit of Happiness is Making Your Miserable

You've heard it before: Happiness is found on the inside...But what does that actually mean, and how do you actually make it happen? In this episode of Conscious Conversations, Chris & Sara break down the fundamentals of happiness through sharing their personal, as well as professional, experience in the realm of creating a life of positivity and joy. Explore topics of conscious manifestation, goals versus vision, and how to stay grounded in joy--even when everything is falling apart around you.


Episode 3: Intuition vs. Ego

Do you often find yourself stuck, unable to discern truth from fear? In tonight’s super chill talk, we’ll explore the different voices of intuition and ego, the roles they play in life, and uncover tips on how to strengthen your relationship with these two voices, so you can make choices in alignment with your truest self. Bring your questions and insights to contribute to the conversation!

Episode 2: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

What keeps us stuck in our comfort zone, and how can we get out of it so we can grow and live our lives to the fullest? In this episode we dissect the top fears holding people back from change, and give you tips to finally transcend these barriers to open the door to a more exciting, fulfilling life.

Episode 1: The Trust Component of Clarity

In this episode of Conscious Conversations, we share our thoughts on what’s getting in the way of living a life of crystal-clear vision. We share our personal experience and expertise on building trust so you can open yourself up to a more fulfilling path in alignment with your truest self.