"Sara expertly guided me to find my vision and my own answers within through asking just the right questions to help my intuition unfold. She enabled me to get excited about my future and what I can achieve. I learned how to transmute limiting beliefs and gift myself with new positive ones. As we worked together, my sense of self worth and empowerment grew by leaps and bounds! With her assistance, I learned how to let go of my need for the approval of others. I now have a sense of abundance in all areas of my life. Sara is a very special person and highly skilled coach who cares deeply about her clients and the coaching process. I enthusiastically recommend her to help bring your life to the next level!"   

-Kyra | Kissammee, FL
"Through Sara's compassionate guidance, I was able to discover more parts of my life purpose, listen to my intuition more & trust myself more (all goals of mine that I wanted to reach at the beginning of our training). I had major life changes during our training time - internally and externally and even though our training has ended, I've gained tools that I can use myself to keep growing and living my best life. THANK YOU BOTH for being a part of my changing my life -- making it more joyous.   

-Monica | Kansas City, MO
"Talking with Sara is like talking to a dear friend. Her ways with words are astounding and she knows the perfect questions to ask to help you find Your truth and Your path. Its like someone holding your hand, helping you to take the steps on stones to get to across a river. I recommend Soul In Wonder to all."

-Nina | Chicago, IL
"I could not appreciate the existence of Sara and Chris more than I already do. They're both living examples of love and light with an obvious passion for reaching out and helping others around them."

-Arlo | Kansas City, KS
"Wow so thankful to have found Soul In Wonder! Definitely a life changing experience learning from them. Highly recommended!"

-Anthony | Charlotte, NC
"Sara and Chris are an amazing couple who I am just getting to know, but feel an openness and trust with each of them. They are very genuine, honest, humble, and care about helping everyone that aligns in their path. They have a passion and thirst for knowledge and are always seeking, learning as much as they can, and dedicating their lives to loving and helping others in all aspects of life, I have never met two people so admirable! I feel if more people were like them our world would be a better place to live!"

-Jeff | Buffalo, NY
"Sara and Chris provided gentle, encouraging, and well-educated guidance. I have also been lucky enough to have both reiki treatments and Tarot readings done by Sara. Both of which were insightful, effective, and aided in my spiritual journey and self fulfillment. They are incredibly passionate and love what they do wholeheartedly. Their journey in life is dedicated to making the lives of those around them better. If you're considering a treatment or guidance from Sara and Chris, I highly recommend it. It will bring light to your soul.

-Stephanie | Little Rock, AR
"Sara did a tarot card reading for me a month ago and it was a great experience. It was my first time ever getting a reading done so I didn't really know what to expect. I was absolutely amazed at how spot on the reading was. Sara made me feel very comfortable, her insight really helped me understand the cards and how they related to my life. The reading cleared up a lot of inner questions I had but most of all it was fun. I highly recommend it for anyone interested!!!"

-Brittany | Buffalo, NY
Chris and Sara are absolutely wonderful! Not only is it healing to just be around them and absorb their passion for their craft but their knowledge and genuine desire to help is incredible. I explained my situation to them and they were extremely attentive and excited to share their knowledge. Sara even helped to heal some of the things I was struggling with on a grander "life" scale through a thorough tarot reading. This was wonderful! Her compassion and natural gift is incredible.

-Caitlin | Austin, TX
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