Step Into Your Purpose, Awaken Your Inner Truth, & Let Your Soul Shine!
Our coaching will give you the tools needed to shatter the limiting beliefs and fears holding you back reaching your highest potential
You followed the societal cookie-cutter outline created for you to the "t," and you're thinking, "Is this it? Is this really all there is for me?" 

You’re feeling directionless. Disconnected. Unfulfilled. You know there has to be more to this human experience, and you refuse to believe your destiny is shackled to this blasé work-eat-sleep-repeat lifestyle.

And let's be honest. You don’t really “fit” in. Everyone else may be content with the daily grind, but you know you could be doing more (whatever “more” is) for yourself, for others.

Maybe you know what you want—deeper connection, self-awareness, clarity—but you have no idea how to get there. Here's where I come in to play!

I help men & women re-align with their most authentic self, so they can kiss uncertainty, monotony, and self-sabotage goodbye. My 1:1 coaching sessions will help you shatter your fears, reconnect with your excitement, awaken the real you, and unlock your true potential, so you can begin living a life overflowing with passion, purpose, and joy. 

Ready to unleash the god/goddess banging on the walls inside you, so you can finally get out of your own way and create the life you're meant to live?
Nina | Chicago, IL

"Working with Sara is like talking to a dear friend. Her ways with words are astounding and she knows the perfect questions to ask to help you find Your truth and Your path. Its like someone holding your hand, helping you to take the steps on stones to get to across a river. I recommend Soul In Wonder to all."

Values Clarification
Let's find what truly gets you out of bed in the morning and work to close the gap between your real priorities and your actions, so you can live in alignment with what's most important to you.
Passion Exploration
Here we get to play together in the sandbox of life—building castles, knocking 'em down, and trying new things—as you explore the fire in your heart and learn to follow your excitement.
Shadow Integration
Let's explore all parts of your consciousness—yes, even the parts you don't like—and give these pieces of you a seat at the wise council within you, so you can finally reach a state of inner harmony and balance.
Emotional Intelligence
I'll help you break through any toxic emotional patterns and make way for a life of clear communication, peace of mind, and improved relationships.
Soul Alignment
Explore your unique individuality—your signature core frequency—and work to strengthen your connection between your divinity (higher self, higher consciousness, God, etc) and the oneness of all.
Conscious Manifestation
You're always manifesting, hence your existence in this physical reality, but to create a fulfilling, meaningful life, you must learn to move from a state of unconscious creation to conscious creation.
Book your FREE 1-hour clarity call to explore what's holding you back from reaching your full potential, get crystal-clear on your vision for life, and find out how I can help you make it happen
Monica | Kansas City, MO

"If you want a higher quality of life, I highly recommend working with Sara through her truly unique program, Core Essence Coaching. A dedicated coach, you can tell how much time & attention Sara puts into her coaching sessions, which are tailored for your specific needs. She is very committed in assisting you to reach your goals. She's a wonderful mix of encouragement & compassion, but she'll hang tough with you & hold you accountable when she needs to, but in the most loving, non-judgemental way. I entered our coaching relationship with a variety of goals: discover more of my purpose, develop more compassion for all, trust myself & others more, and believe in myself more. I can truly say that since our coaching sessions have ended, I've not only made big strides in all of these areas, am more excited and optimistic in general, but I also have the tools to continue learning, growing and challenging myself on my own. Sara, Thank you so much for helping make all of this possible!!"
Deeper Sense of Calm & Inner Peace
Boosted Confidence
Clarity on Your Life Purpose
More Self-Love & Compassion
Reduced Stress & Anxiety
Increased Happiness & Fulfillment
Kyra | Kissimmee, FL

"I was hesitant at first to make the financial investment in coaching for myself since I didn’t have much money to spare. However, the last three months of coaching with Sara has proven that the investment was well worth it! She has expertly guided me to find my vision and my own answers within through asking just the right questions to help my intuition unfold. She enabled me to get excited about my future and what I can achieve. I learned how to transmute limiting beliefs and gift myself with new positive ones. As we worked together, my sense of self worth and empowerment grew by leaps and bounds! With her assistance, I learned how to let go of my need for the approval of others. I now have a sense of abundance in all areas of my life. Sara is a very special person and highly skilled coach who cares deeply about her clients and the coaching process. I enthusiastically recommend her to help bring your life to the next level!"

Hi! I'm Sara—your Life Coach!
I almost died 4 years ago, and it was a huge slap in the face.

I suddenly realized I had no clue what kind of game I was playing in life, and I sure as hell was not living up to my full potential. How could I when I had no idea who I even was at the core?!

Imprisoned by societal pressure and conditioning, I lacked direction. I lacked purpose. I needed change, and I needed it fast.

Long story short, I got my shit together. I made my happiness a priority, reached 100% self-love status, and I even found my purpose.

I couldn't keep what I had learned to myself, so now I guide others on their own journey of self-actualization.

My professional training in the art and science of coaching (Life & Emotional Intelligence) enhances my naturally empathetic understanding of human emergence.

I even created a unique method to pinpoint those sticky spots holding you back—giving you the guidance and support you need to explore the depths of your inner-being and soul-based desires.

I'm not here to fix you because you're not broken. I'm not here to tell you the answers—you've already got them.

I'm here as your coach to invest in a dependable, fun, and exploratory partnership from which your superpowers will be unleashed and the best version of yourself will blossom.
Amber | Denver, CO

"I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am very happy with all aspects of my life. The good, the bad, and everything in between."

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