What some call luck, they call destiny....
After surviving a violent sexual assault while serving as a volunteer in Namibia, Africa, Sara had to pick up the pieces to her life. This event shook her foundation to the core and dismantled everything she knew to be true about herself and the life she’d been living, but rather than allowing this near-death experience to hinder her, she chose to use it as an evolutionary catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

Sara was given a second chance at life, and it was time to not only regain control of her body, but also her mind, heart, and spirit by embarking on a holistic journey to discover her core values, challenge her weaknesses, and reinforce her strengths to finally create the life she was meant to live—one of peace, happiness, and health.

Because of Sara’s determination to not be defeated by such tragedy, she made the difficult yet necessary decision to relocate from her original country of service, Namibia, and was transferred to Tanzania.

Little did she know, her other half was also working with the Peace Corps on the opposite end of the country. After a series of synchronistic events, Sara and Christopher finally met—he quickly became her rock, and she his muse.

Yearning for more out of life, Chris traded a cozy corporate job for a volunteer life of isolation and poverty. Embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Tanzania, Chris’ path of self-actualization deepened, and his constant thirst for personal transformation and deep healing began. While practicing meditation, yoga, and contemplative writing his quality of life was enhanced ten-fold.

Amplified by their dedication to a compassionate vegan lifestyle their strong bond, and years of professional training in a variety of fields, including life coaching, herbalism, and energy healing, Christopher and Sara have committed to an ever-evolving state of self-discovery, while devoting their lives to the evolution of humanity.

In June 2016 they launched Soul in Wonder – a conscious wellness hub that supports and empowers truth-seekers on their journey of self-discovery. Through their popular podcast, video content, coaching, and transformational healing work, they help people transmute darkness into light and awaken their own inner wisdom so they can align with their highest potential.

They later went on to launch the Vegan Warrior Academy in 2017 – a platform designed to help vegans by supporting and fostering their personal growth so they can unlock unique gifts, activate their inner power, and find their unique voice to liberate the animals and transform the world.

The duo continues to traverse the globe in search of new knowledge and wisdom used to apply to their own spiritual growth and the evolution of others.
The powerhouse that fuels our passion to explore all corners of the body, mind, and soul without limitations.
Transformation begins within. By understanding what makes our gears turn we will positively impact the world in which we live.
We promote gentleness towards oneself and others ensuring a fulfilling human experience.
Reinventing oneself stems from the willingness to challenge the status quo.
At the core of every being lies an inner compass yearning to be recognized, so we may create endless possibility of exploration and growth.
Liberate the human spirit and it will thrive.
Soul Alignment
Because after all is said and done, all you need is LOVE
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